Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation- Audience feedback: Question 6.

When you know what the audience wants and likes, when you know what mood the audience is in, and when you know something about the audience, they become more interested in what you have to say.
Having uploaded our thriller to Facebook, this has allowed us to get written audience feedback from our collegues, as you can see from the image on the left.
I have asked people to share what they think of our thriller opening as part of audience feedback, which i have recorded. Here are some peoples opinions on our thriller opening. (More to come.)

Here is a survey i created with 7 questions about our thriller opening, which was answered by my seventeen year old friend Gabriella Pecqueur who doesn't go to same college as me.
Q- What did you like about our thriller opening and why?
A- I thought it was edited very well, it all moved smoothly from one scene to the next. It defiantly falls under the category of “thriller” – it was terrifying! I liked voices used near the end to add to the atmosphere, it was almost as though they were the voices coming from inside Victoria’s head.

Q- Which is your favourite shot and why?
A- My favourite shot was when Eleni was dancing and fell to the ground, then it cut to an extreme close up of her eyes, with the medium close up of her face imposed on top of it. I thought it was good because it showed a different side to the character and it helped to build the tension as it’s the first time we see her close up.

Q- Who do you think is the target audience?
A- Girls (stereotypically) although i think many guys would enjoy it too. Probably aged between 15-25.

Q- Did the music go well with the opening?
A- Yes! It was a good contrast, normally that music is associated with good childhood memories of a music box. It made the scene very eerie and sinister.

Q- Could you see clear intertextuality linking to other films?
A- Yes i could clearly see you were influenced by Black Swan, and other movies such as “The Orphanage” (Spanish film) as the children are linked!

Q- Were the titles clear? If not why?
A- Yes they were very clear.

Q- What could we have improved on if you could start over?
A- Although I understand its a thriller so to add to the tension it needs to be quite dimly lit, but maybe you could have made it a little bit lighter as sometimes its was a bit difficult to see. Maybe when Victoria looked in the mirror, her reflection could have showed something different, if that makes sense. Or not moved with her. Apart from that i think its very good! Well done!

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