Friday, 1 April 2011

Question 3 - Who would be the audience for my media product

Our taget audience is mostly female from age 17-40. The people that we what to attract have in common some artictic, performing and dancing skills and interest. They like supernatural, thriller and psychological movies and books.
For the first second of our title opening we will attract ballet dancer, however because of the second half of a girl in the room we will drag wider range of people as it has not a specific and clear conotation of particular group of people.

Here is sort of informal and causal review. This is an exelent example , that even this movie appear more on woman side , man still watch it and think is good. 

Here is my example of the target audience for our thriller title opening sequence. 
Dominica, 20 years old. She is a student of second year in Sociology and English Literature in university. She loves reading books for example; Stephan King, Richard Montanari and Huraki Murakami which are crime and thriller genre with some psychological aspect. She likes to combine old vintage style with the technology and modern style. She is passionate in dance and takes a classes 3 times a week in ballet and jazz school. Rather than going to cinema, she prefers to watch dance performance in theatre. She likes thriller, horror, crime and drama movies. She is buying her clothes in shops like h&m, top shop, bershka and pull&bear. However when she has a time, she likes to going to corner clothes' shops and second hand. She alters them which make her look unique and stand out from the crowd.   

Folders of her recent work from the uni and book she has on her shelf.

Here are:
-articstic body model
-cases with the jewellery

Here are tickets from
- Sadler's Wells theatre
-London Dungeon
-FreeB student discount Card

Inside her bag are:
-book Richard Montanari Devil's Garden
-vanity case
-Nivea Lipstick
-HTC mobile phone
-Student ID

Here are the poster on her wall
- radom pictures from galleries
-picture of Audrey Hupburn
-Marlin Monroe

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