Saturday, 26 February 2011

Second Section- abused girl.

We starts to film from the second section of our thriller opening. Its shows the abused girl and her mental problems. We starts with a close up of her face with a doll. We wanted to create a feeling of coming inside
the character's mind. We added some extra effect like flashy backgroups to make this idea look more stand out. The doll emphasis her innocence and back to her childhood.

Then we put lots of overlapping shots with the mist important things in her live. 
There is picture of her mum (her secret abuser), ballerina, and ballet shoes.
To take it more realistic we also added some other special make-up effect of bruse, cuts and tired eyes.  

There is a trace on her arm  of someone holding her too tigh. We did it by the dark brown lipstick, purple eye shadow and black eyeliner. I think this shot is very effective because it showing how hard she is hurt, but in the same time  she is still a child. She is trying to escape  to another world- world of toys and dolls, becuase they are only things which can not hurt her as same as  human. 

We also adds some cuts on her leg. We did it  as same as the burst on the arm. We used a lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner. It looked very naturalistic . In this shot, we tried to show that the way she is hurt is not so obviousl as it could seem. Some of them are easy to spot but some are hidden by the piece of cloth.  Victoria tries to hide the cut, by pulling the sock up to her knee. It question her mental conciousness, because she could   done it by herself. We also  make her eyes look darker as they normal are.
We put some of the purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner. We bluured everthing under the eyes to make it look more realistic. We tried to create a sense of  ' not taking care of herself'. She is located in the dark room with limited amoung of light.  Her only friend is a doll. She does not want to come up , becuase she is scared of being hurt again. 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Edited pictures: Victoria.

Using different websites online i created different effects of the photos which we took on the first day of filming 'Victoria,' making them look old, victorian and vintage. These images could be used as overlapping shots with footage.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Making of 1st half.

Here are some pictures which show the preparation that went into the first scene (the bedroom scene)

We put make-up on the protagonist (eleni) to make her look more authentically like an 'abused' girl. For example, powder on the lips makes her look 'dead' and zombie-like.

We also used make-up to create bruises and cuts on her arms and legs to truly create the 'abused girl' image.

We took turns filming each clip, sometimes using the reflected affect of the mirror and odd positions and angles to create a disoriented, unnerving viewing experience, for example, a high angle shot is used here, and it is recorded from behind through a mirror. All of these techniques build suspense in the scene.

We took particular care over choosing our props so that they would look as authentic and 'Victorian' as possible. For example, the old-fashioned photo frame and dark-paneled music box.

First day of filming Victoria.

On 23/02/11 we started filming our thriller opening 'Victoria'. We all met up at college and Klaudia and Reem got the filming equipment, memory cards, video camera, tripod and batteries. We found this day to be very stressful and nerve racking as we didn't know how it'll look alltogether, however it was a big success. We managed to finish half of our film where the location is in a bedroom, we will film the other part in a dance studio after half term. As we arrived at Valezas house, into her bedroom we got all our props out and sorted out costumes. Our props were Elenis ballet shoes, lipstick, Valezas photo frame, a borrowed victorian doll and borrowed ballerina music box. We tried on different things in order for us to know which would work best. We decided a plain simple dress and childish socks worked the best, and having her hair out messily was effective. Then Klaudia, Reem and Valeza helped to make the 'abused' girl Victoria (Eleni) look realistic so added with make-up scars on her leg, hand marks on her arm and faint bruises under her eyes. We got a variety of shots but mainly close ups which will be editted very quickly for dramatic effect. Most of all we played on the lighting using only a dim lamp, using the actually light and only using a lamp directed in whatever direction we wanted, controlled by Reem and Valeza. :) Step by step we took photos as we filmed so we could also use them with overlapping shots, and generally just having them so we can remember what we did and why.

This is the main shot of Victoria (Eleni) and her victorian doll in the corner of the bedroom.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Make-up for Victoria.

For our thriller opening in it essential that we have everything looking realistic and not tacky, which is easy to happen. Here are some photos of Valeza, Reem and Klaudia putting on appropriate make-up in order for me to look slightly younger, neglected and abused.

Here Klaudia is smudging three finger marks onto my arm to make it look like someone has held me really tight and left bruises. This was done by purple eyeshadow and red lipstick dabbed on.

Here Klaudia is putting purpley red eyeshadow under my eyes to make them look tired and bruised, which Reem and Valeza helped with. It created heavy bags which made me look creepy with the handheld light under my face.

Here Valeza is applying pale foundation onto my lips and face so i can look slightly starved, ill and not well. This made my lips look whiter and cold, adding to the thriller effect of things, and my face looked whiter than normal adding to the typical 'possesed' person. We also tried to make my hair as big as possible, brushing out the curls to make the character seem uncared for, and possibly unloved.