Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation - Question 4 & 5.

Our thriller would be distributed by a small independent studio with good equipment but a low budget called CANDI studios. it is our colleges media institution which provides training and equipment for low budget film makers. places it will be released on will be things such as vimeo, blogger and facebook. we will also have a cinema screening to collate valuable feedback from other film makers in order to improve our film making skills in the future. moreover, people such as our family and friends will also see it on a dvd copy that we will receive.

Other Media Students Thriller & Their Feedback:

The internet has been used to launch the short thriller opening to a wider audience, this thriller opening has has 326 views which means that they were able to get more feedback. We are currently in the process of putting our thriller opening also on youtube but we have started off with facebook where only our friends and family are able to see but also vimeo which is accessible to anyone. 

This thriller opening has a lot more views and has valuable feedback. Also other media students have begun comparing theirs in the comments in order to progress in their filming skills and to also be able to target a wider audience. 

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