Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation- Question 8 continued.

We have done a previous blog as a whole group, with video blogs of us all as a group talking about what we've learnt, how we improved from our prelim film to where we are now having produced out thriller opening. We talked about improvement in mise-en-scene, sound, camera skills and editing skills using Livetype, Soundtrack pro, Final cut pro and Handbrake. Here are a few comparisons and improvements we've made from our prelim to our final opening.

Prelim.     Thriller opening.

Here as you can see our prelim was shot in one of the common rooms in our college, so we didn't think to much or creativley about our mise-en-scene. However for our thriller we made a concious decision to film in an old dance studio which used to be a church as this has connotations with the Black Swan. They are both long shots, but in our prelim shot there are others in the background, for our thriller we have made sure everything is out of the way and as professional looking as possible.

Prelim.    Thriller opening.

Here we have two close ups of the main characters in each sequence, Reem in the prelim, and Eleni in the thriller. This is a perfect example of the improvement within props and setting. In the prelim we used a coat hanger as our weapon, and in the thriller in the second half of the bedroom scene, our main prop was the doll our character was obsessed with. Our choice of props have become more realistic and convincing, as killing someone with a coat hanger wouldn't usually happen.

Prelim.   Thriller opening.

Here we have used the same technique as we did for our prelim, which was to put the camera on the floor and created a more interesting effect for the audience. Having experimented in our prelim we realised this worked for us so we planned to use this technique in our thriller, which we did.

Prelim.                             Thriller opening.

Here are two shots which both included using a mirror. In our prelim as we didn't have much time to plan or think about it properly, we had things in our mise-en-scene which we didn't want such as bags, coats in the background, sink etc, however with the shot to the right which is in our thriller we made for everything was out of the way and only the lamp, the character and the writing on the mirror could be seen. Our editing of this part in our thriller took up alot of time as we included white flashes, overlapping and fast motion.

Here is an animation of some of our overlapping shots, an editing effect we used majorly throughout our thriller.

Using final cut pro, something we didn't know how to do when making our prelim, we overlapped nearly all our shots which gave it a creepier and more impressive effect. We went down to the bottom of the software and clicked on the symbol with the squiggly line, (shown to the left) which overlapped as many shots as you wanted, the most we went to was 3 shots at one point, but no more than that otherwise it'll get too confusing.

Here is a wordle of what i think teamwork is all about.

Working as a team is so important when it comes to creating something, especially something as hard as a thriller opening. You need to make sure everyone has a role to play, everyone is involoved and doing their best, fullfiling their full potential, otherwise it'll go downhill. Our team are organised, respectful and are always there for one another so we were always comfortable and safe where ever we were, whether we were planning, editing, filming and just discussing. I want to say thank you to Mary and Dan for helping us through it, and of course to Klaudia, Reem and Valeza (:

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