Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Font might seem not important, but it has greate impact on the movie. Also it sends an information about particular type of movie genre. In other words, it makes a connotation with movie.

There are basically two types of font :

 such as Times and Curier. It suggests about:

  • old
  • classic
  • formal
  • traditional
  • old-fashioned
  • educated
  • upper/middle class
  • historical
It is also used in newspapers like Times and Standart.

such as Ariel and Comic Sans. It is :
  • comic
  • modern
  • friendly
  • childlike
  • informal
  • casual
Here, there are some examples of font analysis:

Font Style: PALATINO

It is Serif Font. It is all in white colour and in capital letter. It might have references to a soldier in the row. Also the military clothing is very well organised as the letters are.

In Rocky, there is used of Franklin Gothic Heavy in Sans Serif. It is big and bold and easy to read. It tells that the character is not a traditional person. Rocky is not educated. He is simple, but hard working. The title suggests that Rocky is Brave, strong and paunchy. The woman next to him, tell the audience that he has two sides. In the middle, he is soft, kind and carry. Also the titles don’t fit into the frame. It might seem like he is actually punching it, or that he is different, doesn’t fulfil the traditional frame of good, successful person. 

In my personal opinion, I think for my own title sequence I will use a Sans Serif font. It is more informal, and does not carry any of 'heavy' stories based on history or tradition. I really like font which was used in Seven. It looks like child hand writing, which creates a feeling of controversial.

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