Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Structure of Thriller Openings

Thriller opening should present normality, establish characters and location. However, there are 3 different ways to start the movie. Some o them focus only on soundtrack, other on mise-en-scene, but each of them send strong and clear information of what this film is going to be about. 
A narrative opening with titles running throughout
I really like this opening sequence. The end is used as the beginning and its rise the feeling of curiosity in the audience very effectively. 
A discrete title sequence

This type of opening is not a part of the movie. It is edit separately with own soundtrack. This opening is very strong. We see Point Of View perspectives of crazy person. They choose particular style of shot to create greater impact on the audience. Use of close up and extremely close ups gradually takes the audience into the movie. 
Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening
This particular type of opening is used quite common. The soundtrack is very strong to fulfill the audience needs and create suspense. Donnie Darko starts by sound of storm, after there is a wide shot with mountain and suddenly the main character pops out into the screen. The used of soundtrack lead into the movie very effectively.
Stylized Editing 

Using "The Talking of Pelham 123' as an example, it is easy to realised that it is edit like a music video, into the bit. When the music slows down, there is used of slow motion. Also after slow motion there is a fast motion which draws the audience attentions. I really like the thriller opening structure as discrete title sequence. I like the idea of creating something’s which necessary part of the movie, but it isn’t contain enough information to tell the audience what type of movie it is. There is a need to send particular information to the audience to help them 'go into' the movie. I would like to use this style of opening in my own thriller title sequence.

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