Thursday, 17 February 2011

Soundtrack for Victoria. (Practice)

In today's lesson, our group focused on researching the soundtrack/s for our thriller opening. We will be using different sounds for the narrative opening, and different sounds for the overlapping discrete section. We researched many classical ballet orchestral soundtracks, and loved the one from 'Black Swan' when Nina becomes the black swan, composed by Tshaykowki. However we realized this is copyright and we cannot directly use it for our opening, so we will try to mix sounds that are non-copyright in soundtrack pro.

In our opening we would like to include the 'ring around the rosies' childs song in a creepy way. This is something no other group has thought of, recording our own voices singing it, then editing our voices to them sound slower, elongated, higher and echoing. Here is an example, our inspiration.

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