Friday, 18 February 2011

Make-up for Victoria.

For our thriller opening in it essential that we have everything looking realistic and not tacky, which is easy to happen. Here are some photos of Valeza, Reem and Klaudia putting on appropriate make-up in order for me to look slightly younger, neglected and abused.

Here Klaudia is smudging three finger marks onto my arm to make it look like someone has held me really tight and left bruises. This was done by purple eyeshadow and red lipstick dabbed on.

Here Klaudia is putting purpley red eyeshadow under my eyes to make them look tired and bruised, which Reem and Valeza helped with. It created heavy bags which made me look creepy with the handheld light under my face.

Here Valeza is applying pale foundation onto my lips and face so i can look slightly starved, ill and not well. This made my lips look whiter and cold, adding to the thriller effect of things, and my face looked whiter than normal adding to the typical 'possesed' person. We also tried to make my hair as big as possible, brushing out the curls to make the character seem uncared for, and possibly unloved.

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