Sunday, 13 February 2011

Video Blog.

Myself and Valeza made a video blog of the different shots we were going to use, our planned location, mise en scene, props and story line, however we could not successfully upload it due to technical problems. I liked doing this video because it was a different way of blogging, instead of writing it all down all we had to do was speak to the camera as if we were making a pitch, which helped us when we came to presenting our pitch to the class, Mary and Dan. We even edited our video, put music and photos at the beginning and end, fades in and out. Hopefully we can convert it in order to publish on our blog later on. This shows we have used a variey of ways for blogging, even though we couldn't upload it, i chose to blog about it anyway as it took us quite a long time. Here are some photos of us in process of making this video blog.

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