Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Evalutaion of the Pitch.

During this couple of weeks,  I have been research the most essential ideals and things about thriller opening sequence. Since, I and my group start to work with camera, we came up with idea of what our project will be about : an young her affected by abuse. We were adding some new ideas, new things to it, but the main idea stayed the same.

On the Monday lesson (14.02.2011) we have to present our project to teachers to get their agreement and fully support.
We had to think about title, genre of opening, location, mise en scene, ideas about sound etc.
We wanted to use the same ideas of opening like in movie 'Seven'. It is district structure with used of many close ups and shots over lapping each other. We felt quite confidence and strong about our idea, but when it came to presentation of pitch, I lost faith that it going to work. Our treatment looked like a narrative movie ; Young girl sitting in the corner, someone comes into the room but never fully reveal. Then the girl cries and tries to escape from the room but its locked. She gets mad and trash up whole room, through and kicking dolls all around the room. Then her face appear on the screen the the titles come up. To shot that she got a mental problem we wanted to show her playing with dolls. However, suddenly she will rip off one of the doll's head, to emphasize her anger. She will looks at the mirror, to see her scars. We use variety of different shot, which does not suit the distinct opening structure. Our teacher gave us a key idea : "Keep and starts it with a narrative structure, but then concentrate on the fast shot of close-ups using overlapping"  . Suddenly, I came up with the great idea. Because some of us in the group do AS Dance, we are going take the ideas from Black Swan. We would like to start the opening using the dance studio.

We will concentrate on the dancer and slightly come towards her, while she dances. When she drops into the floor, we will gradually zoom in into her face as we will taking the audience inside her mind. Then we will use the same structure of pitch as we showed to our teacher. However will we use a close ups and extremely close ups shot to meet the goal of distinct opening.

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