Thursday, 24 February 2011

Making of 1st half.

Here are some pictures which show the preparation that went into the first scene (the bedroom scene)

We put make-up on the protagonist (eleni) to make her look more authentically like an 'abused' girl. For example, powder on the lips makes her look 'dead' and zombie-like.

We also used make-up to create bruises and cuts on her arms and legs to truly create the 'abused girl' image.

We took turns filming each clip, sometimes using the reflected affect of the mirror and odd positions and angles to create a disoriented, unnerving viewing experience, for example, a high angle shot is used here, and it is recorded from behind through a mirror. All of these techniques build suspense in the scene.

We took particular care over choosing our props so that they would look as authentic and 'Victorian' as possible. For example, the old-fashioned photo frame and dark-paneled music box.

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