Thursday, 3 February 2011

Final prelim.

For our final prelim we followed the storyline of our jelly baby sequence, only this time with a few lines of dialogue. We decided to make the story about one girl getting a part in a play and the other girl doesn't get a part, so she gets jealous and kills her. As we did with the jellybabies, we used the famous shower scene from 'Psycho' and tried to make it as realistic as possible. We used a variety shots, from high and low angle shots, close ups, mid-shots and long shots. We also learnt how to add a fade in and cross dissolve effect so that we could establish the change of scene. We added breathing effects, orchestral sounds and a high pitched scream to create a dramatic effect. We also played upon making it slightly physiological when Reem appears in the mirror, and as Eleni turns, Reem disappears, something which occurs in many thriller movies.

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