Thursday, 24 February 2011

First day of filming Victoria.

On 23/02/11 we started filming our thriller opening 'Victoria'. We all met up at college and Klaudia and Reem got the filming equipment, memory cards, video camera, tripod and batteries. We found this day to be very stressful and nerve racking as we didn't know how it'll look alltogether, however it was a big success. We managed to finish half of our film where the location is in a bedroom, we will film the other part in a dance studio after half term. As we arrived at Valezas house, into her bedroom we got all our props out and sorted out costumes. Our props were Elenis ballet shoes, lipstick, Valezas photo frame, a borrowed victorian doll and borrowed ballerina music box. We tried on different things in order for us to know which would work best. We decided a plain simple dress and childish socks worked the best, and having her hair out messily was effective. Then Klaudia, Reem and Valeza helped to make the 'abused' girl Victoria (Eleni) look realistic so added with make-up scars on her leg, hand marks on her arm and faint bruises under her eyes. We got a variety of shots but mainly close ups which will be editted very quickly for dramatic effect. Most of all we played on the lighting using only a dim lamp, using the actually light and only using a lamp directed in whatever direction we wanted, controlled by Reem and Valeza. :) Step by step we took photos as we filmed so we could also use them with overlapping shots, and generally just having them so we can remember what we did and why.

This is the main shot of Victoria (Eleni) and her victorian doll in the corner of the bedroom.


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