Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Editing inspiration: Bacon and eggs.

Bacon and eggs.

I have chosen to analyse this clip as it is such an amazingly edited video, from match cuts, to jump shots, close ups to slow motion effects. It is showing a man, Dexter, getting ready in the morning with a thriller feel to it. A psychopathic serial killer is bound to have a slightly different view of the world, so everything is undercover, sly and mysterious, something we wanted to have in our thriller opening. Dexter's opening sequence is all shot in extreme close ups introducing the character, just like the deranged murderer in Seven's opening credits (image blow). Dexter is a creature of habit, and the precision of his morning routine (my favourite shot is of him shaving) revealing his obsessive and possibly OCD side as well as squashing, blood-letting, slicing, smashing, grinding, sawing, crushing, restraining, throttling and asphyxiating.


The music in this clip have different atmospheres from discomfort, scratchy, and screechy soundtrack in Seven has been replaced by a catchy theme tune that bobs along. The seren music creates normality executing a couple of carefully selected victims is a perfectly ordinary, everyday hobby for Dexter. The rest of the soundtrack echoes the visual extreme close ups. In my opinion the extreme close up sound effects are more unsual than the extreme close ups as there is everyday yet strange sounds, like chewing, eating and ripping something open. This again refelcts someone with a twisted view of the world, that sees, hears and tastes things differently to the rest of the normal world. This has inspired me to make our thriller as realistic as possible, with normal sound effects, yet with connotations of danger and trill.

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