Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Inspiration for prelim.

Four our perlim we will have Reem killing Eleni in the style of Psycho. We wanted it to be as real as possible, however as we only have 2-3 hours to do it, we cannot get undressed and actually shower, so we're going to have to work around that and make it as realistic as possible. We will use a coat hanger as our weapon, as it will be a wired one so it won't look too bad as a weapon.

We will follow the same theme as Psycho of someone stalking someone else, maybe as an obsession or even jealously, which will be made clearer from the dialogue which we have to include.

Just like Psycho we will use a shower where the death will take place, in the dance changing rooms there are shower which we can use, after asking permission from the head of the building. 

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