Monday, 7 February 2011

Who watches thrillers?

While making my final thriller opening, me and my group need to consider what kind of audience will want to watch it, and therefore who it will be targeted towards. Our target audience will most probably be in the 16-24 market as we can relate more easily to a younger market, and we will know what kind of things they like to watch.

Here are the figures for the suspense films released in the UK in 2009: -->

Here is some information about gender and genre: -->

using evidence from these pictures and further research, i have come to the following conclusions:

1. 31 suspense films were created in 2009 within the 501 films which were created in total that year. 

2. Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of box office in 2009. I think these genres generate so much interest and consequently make the most profit because they are the genres which are most popular with young adults/teenagers (16-24year olds) this is the age group which is most likely to go to the cinema in order to socialise with their peers. Teenagers can relate more to the excitement and fun which these particular genres provide and are therefore most likely to spend their money on watching films with those genres.

3. I think thrillers account for quite a low proportion of UK box office ratings (only 4% in 2009) because the marketing and advertisement industries tend to focus on promoting more big-budget films such as action and animation films which will appeal to a wider market.

4. According to the 'genre by gender' diagram, (above) the genre of thriller is relatively equal in appeal to both male and female viewers, however, the males are more attracted to the harsh 'masculine' essence of horror films, while females prefer the more tame suspense thrillers. Saying that, both genres are quite firmly in the middle ground between male and female audiences, so thriller movies are not generally targeted at any certain gender of audience.

5.  thrillers are generally targeted at an older audience (teens and older) i know this because all thriller films have an age certificate of 15 or sometimes 18. This shows that thriller audiences are most commonly teenagers or young adults who are looking for an exciting and thrilling cinema experience.

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