Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Costum and Make up

For our thriller opening , we have used 2 different types of costume.
For the first section it is a black tutu, black leotard, pink ballet shoes and black tights.

We had choose a black leotard, tutu and tighs to indicates her double personality. For the first sight, she might see normal but as we coming closer to her , we realised she has some problems.
However, we decided to use a pink ballet shoes to keep a feeling of girlish and child-like style which goes straight through to the next section.
Her leotard is quite 'adult' as it showing nearly all of her back. This can refer to her age again.

For the second section she is wearing a long night dress and grey knee socks.
 We choose this dress to make her look innocent, pure and childish. The length of the dress signifies about her age: she is about 14. Even if we wanted to make her look like a child, by this we wanted to show that she is becoming older.
The grey knee socks also emphasize her child-like style.
They are playing important part in hiding the scar.

Eleni's hair is fantastic. We kept them loose as we wanted to hide her face. They are natural curly so it adds more of the child-like style. At the beginning we were thinking of plait, but we stay with the first idea. The hair also makes the make up more stands out which created fabulous effect in the end. 

We also added extra make up to look the abuse girl more realistic and shock.

There am me, putting make up. In the first pictures I am making the 'tired and hard' eye but using the purple and brown eye shadow. In the second picture I am making the bruise on the arm. I wanted to create it, as someone holds Victoria too hard and tight.
I had used a purple eye shadow and brown lipstick. On the third picture I am creating a scar of the cut. I am using a purple eye shadow again as well as the dark eyeliner. Then I smear it through the leg which make more realistic look.
We wanted to make some extra bruise on the leg but after a while we realized it will be too much and we loose the wanted effect of scars.
On the fourth picture, Valeiza is putting powder, to create pale lips.

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