Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final edit finished.

Today we finally finished the editing for our thriller opening sequence. We came across many problems as we did this, for example we could not get the titles exactly in the right order with appropriate spaces and names used. We wanted to make our title sequence exactly like a traditional movie opening; an example of this is earlier when we did a lesson on the exact ammount of time to leave in between each title and where these titles should go, during that lesson we looked at the opening sequence of 'The Taking of Pelham 123'.

However, we came across a problem with our titles as the order we initially wanted wasn't at all the same as a classic film opening; we wanted the title of the movie to go at the very end over a blank screen as it seemed like it would have the most effect there, but it looked too much like a trailer for a movie rather than an opening so we had to move it. Also, there were initially only titles in the first half of the opening (the dancing part) as we thought it would take away attention from the second half and ruin the suspense if it were to go there, it would also have ruined the 'correct' order of the titles. In the end, we decided to compromise with putting the main title 'Victoria' in the halfway gap between the two scenes and (after many tries) we finally fixed the order and changed the names used in the titles to make them look perfect.

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