Tuesday, 15 March 2011

First Section- dance

Our first part of the thriller opening based on the dance. The main ideas was taken from the favourite movie "Black Swan'. As in the movie, the ballerina has some metal problems, we were thinking this will be great first part of our thriller.
As it stars, there is a long shot of the abused girl - Victoria. We can not see her face, only her moving body which is exaggurated by the black and big shadow on the floor.
Through the whole section, we have decided to focus on the feet and body of the ballerina, rather then face. This is creating a suspence.
In the end of the first section, there is an extremly close up of Victoria's face, which takes us right through to the next section of the abuse girl. 
During the editing, we have used again lots of overlapping shots, to create greater chaos and feeling of madness. 
We added some of the white flashback. We used on the the shot of Victoria's face twice. 
Her head is coming from down towards the camera. We reversed this shot backwards and we place it straight after the original shot. We also added some of the transition of dissolve , which make it much more touchy and dangerouse. 

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