Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mise en scene

 During the planing thriller opening, we were struggle with the actually location. We knew we wanted film in the plain corner in the bedroom and in the dance studio. However, we did not have a clue where we could find this. Each of use thought, that our private rooms don't suit our ideas. In addition, dance studio was hard to find too. We have a dance studio in our college, but during that time we could not use it, because of other course and project going along with dance and drama subject. We also though that it could look too modern and does not fill the idea of Victorian and old style.
After bit of worying , we finally found a perfect location for the first and second part of our thriller opening. It is much more better and create ideal mise-en-scene than I ever could imagine.
One person of our group is having a dance lesson outside the college. Eleni is also playing the main character in the thriller opening sequence. She asked her teacher if we can use a half of the studio to film to dance sequence.
The dance studio in original was a church, but it has be converted into a rekreation place. Now, there is used as a dance studio, teather acting space and actobat studio. It is build in the old style; pillars make it look vintage and antique, the scretching skirting boards add an extra effect of being used and old. The particular side of the studio we had use, was upstairs where the ceiling was very arched which suits perfectly with our needs.
There was no spotlights and did not look like proper teacher space for rehearsal. There was not extra seats for the audience. There was only her, dancing alone in the old studio.
Some bits of lighting was coming from the second part of the studio. It have us a chance to play with the shadows on the floor. However, it also broght us a small problems, because we had to do some of the shots twice. When I was filming , I did not realise I am filiming the shadow of me and camera of the tripod.
But without regard for anything I am very pleased with the location and the actually footage we did.

 For the second part of the thriller opening, we use a Valeiza's sister room. It is plain and simple. The walls have a kind of creamy colour, which plays perfect with the lights. The walls also emphasis the make up of scar and cuts on the character's body.
We use a left corner in the room. Just next to it was a little bed table with the lamp and single, simple and wooden bed. On the table was a kind of old looking lamp was we had use it too. We also put a pictures with vitange frame and porcelain small ballerina. We also have placed the baller shoes on it too.
We have also a victorian , porcelain dolls which plays an important role in the film.  We had use a music box with the dancing ballerina to continue idea with the dance.
As we were in the room, lots of different ideas were coming into our heads.
We decides to use other small lamp. The lighting was limited and controlled by Valeiza and Reem, so we could change it as we wanted to. This created an amazing effect.
We had use a full length mirror. We filmed the Victoria ( main character) from the back , showing her reflection in the mirror. She wrote her name in it as it is a interesting way of showing the title of the movie.
I am very happy for all the footage that we have done. All of props link to our mise-en-scene which clearly show the target audience.

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