Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rough cut evaluation.

Having watched our rough cut i am pleased with our close-to-finshed result. We still need to majorly make/edit our music, sort a few shots out and overlap them, and decide whether to keep the titles the way they are. After two long days of filming, and weeks of experimenting and editing our opening i am happy with the first rough cut outcome. Even though we still have alot to do.
What we did well-
Loved our variety of shots, even though we wanted to stick to mainly close ups to relate to 'Sevens' opening. Our idea shows clear intertextuality to the Black Swan which is what we wanted, a clear relation to our inspiration. I really like our mise en scene and location, our old church converted into a dance studio really works, and our plain bedroom is effective. We showed our character in two different lights, a slightly more ambitious person who loves to dance, and a posessed abused child with no freedom. Also, as i am no actor, i think the make-up, hair and costume really helped and contributed to making our character believable, mysterious and creepy. The props link well to the mise en scene, for example the ballet scene (pointe shoes, tutu and hair tighed back), bedroom scene (pointe shoes, victorian doll, careless appearance as if shes not being looked after and cuts.) We have stuck to the CANDI ident so keep it simple and clear where and who we are, otherwise making our own will take up valuble time and may take away from the actual film.

What i think we need to improve-
We still have to make our music for the first half which we have found an amazing soundtrack which compliments our recorded ballet box music in the second scene, which we may be allowed to use. We will make our own sound effects, thumps, bangs, laughing, booms, all using Soudtrack pro. Also we could make some transitions more fluid and smoother, adding effects where is suitable, for instance, when she spins then drops no the ground there could be a loud thump to emphasis it and draw in peoples attention.

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