Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Locations used.

For our locations, we decided to keep it simple and still keeping in mind the theme of old-fashioned and Victorian. so for the first half of the opening, we decided to use a old-fashioned looking hall which can be used for dancing, but is not the traditional type of dancing studio you would expect to see. It looks very much like a church, which i think is perfect for our thriller as it is strange and unexpected- similar to the abused girl- and it has that creepy essence to it; churches are sometimes linked with death, but are also places where someone can go to ask for redemption and/or a place to find hope. I think this links in nicely with the idea of the movie being about a girl who is abused and slightly mental, and could also be foreshadowing what will happen later in the movie.

The other location we used was the bedroom of the girl, for this we used my house. We decided that a simple, plain bedroom would be best as someone who is abused wouldn't generally have very many possessions of their own, and we also didn't want to ruin the old-fashioned effect of the church with too many modern objects such as posters or computers. This bedroom was perfect as i had just moved into the house, so it wasn't decorated very much and didn't have too many things lying around.

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