Monday, 14 March 2011


We have finally finished filming our compelte thriller opening, and at the stage of having the editing half done as the bedroom scene is editted and done, but now we need to do the ballet scene. The filming went very well for the ballet scene filmed at the studio i go to dance at regularly, which used to be an old church and got converted, so it was perfect. We at first just experimented with me dancing and Klaudia catching it all on tape, however we then decided to capture shots of me streching, preparing to dance which is more realistic otherwise it could seen abit random. We did nearly all shots on 'pointe' meaning using the classic ballerina shoes with the wood at the front to go right on the tippy toe, even though it really hurt at first. :') Although it did, the pain went away as we got many nice shots of the characters body, her ballet shoes and the majoy drop which zooms into her face, linking the first scene with the second scene. Overall me and my group are very happy with what we've achieved and can't believe our filming is over. We have looked through all our footage and decided we have enough shots and a variety, so we do not need to film again.

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