Sunday, 20 March 2011


We have changed the music for the whole title sequence. In first option, we put the music from the ballerina music box, but we were not happy enough and we were still looking for something else. Then we change it and  put the music from the ballet sequence from the Black Swan, but I was not happy with it. It has a full orchestral with sound of wings and other things which was directly made for the Black Swan. In my opinion it was too much for the simple and plain thriller opening when the main character is warming up for the ballet rehearsal.
However, finally Eleni found the perfect music which suit the whole title sequence. It consists the classical ballet music with lots of different creepy sound effects. We put it through the whole title sequence. We chopped a bit of the ballerina box music and placed it in the end. We kept the chilled laught as same as the door banging. We also added some drop sound in the first half of the title eg. when the feet is placing the floor and when Victoria is dropping. This basic music has also a child singing a children song. Now are all are very happy with the soundtrack with really suits our idea of title sequence.

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