Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mise en scene: Victoria.

Our mise en scene for the first half of our thriller opening was my dance studio which i regularly go to, i got permission from my dance teacher to use half the space for filming. it used to be an old church but got converted into a dance studio, acting theatre and acrobat studio. The pillars make it seem very antique, the scratched skirting boards add the old effect into it and the arched arc church shapes are still there which fotted with our theme perfectly. Here is a picture of it from outside. >
Unlike the Black Swan the mise en scene when she dances is less theatrical with no spotlights or audience, more private and personal, so that our character can seem secretive and reserved, as the only thing she has is dance.

Our second section of our thriller is filmed in Valeza's bedroom. We picked this location is it is plain, simple and looks as if it hasn't been done up, just abandoned and left. We used the lighting to our advantage as we shined a lamp wherever we wanted the light to hit, controlled by Reem and Valeza (: For our props we used a ballet statue, placed the ballet shoes on a small drawer next to her in the corner, a photoframe of her 'abuser' and her victorian doll.


We used her full length mirror to write the title of our thriller 'Victoria' as it is an interesting way of writing something in a freaky way, and nobody has thought of it in the past, so we decided to do it. We also used a ballerina music box which we recorded the sound of it to use for the second half of our thriller, adding tension, suspense and interest. All our props link to our mise en scene, character and mood which makes it clear for our target audience.

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