Thursday, 31 March 2011

Question 2 - Representation of Social Groups

 Through all of our title sequence, there are some similarities and differences from different movies.
Most of them break the typical stereotypes.  
The close up of the child face is taken from the ' The "The Orphan. They both seems like a children, but there is something in their eyes and face which makes them look scary. They hide something behind this lovely and innocence face. 
There is a different mise-en-scene, however the idea of freaky and isolated character is carried through all of our movie. 
In both movies, there is broken stereotypes of cute and vulnerable child.

This two shots create the sense of normality. As a child our character is playing with the doll. In the real movie , the main character is playing piano. They both look innocent as a normal child.
However the mise-en-scene is different.
Our main character is wearing kind of white and ecrue colour while Esther from 'The Orphan' is wearing dark and brown clothes. This suggest more about her hidden agenda.
In our title sequence, we decide to keep her in 'white' colour to make it much more shocking that she has some mental problems.
Dark colour signifies the dager. It might suggest about low satisfaction from the life or some problems. The white signifies innocent and purity, however the grey and brown colour with a dim lighting suggest about lonliness and emptiness in the life.

 The ideas of lonliness in taken from the Black Swan. As in both films, the main characters are alone and trapped in their own mind. They both sit in the corner which signifies about feeling of being scared and not know what do do.
Also from the Black Swan we took the idea of a dance. They both love ballet dance. However in our movies the ballet dance is kind of a rescue for Victoria. She dance to forget about her problems, But she can not escape too far from it, after the dropped her memories goes back. In the Black Swan the ballet dance make the Nina loss herself. She tries and want to do so good , but it makes her loss awareness with the real world.
We wanted to break the false stereotype about ballet after Black Swan.
All ballet dancer have big passion and work really hard. However, it does not look that dark and sad as it is showed in the movie Black Swan.
That is why , we decide to show dance as a way of escapisem from the everyday life problem.

We again go against  the stereotypical colour. In Black Swan , Nina wears first white, grey and brown colour and then as she change she wears black. But we decide to do it other way round. As the film begins, Victoria wear black leotard and pink ballet shoes, and then when we go into her mind , she wears white and grey clothes.

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