Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 1.

How does my media product develop forms and conventions of real media products?

My groups main inspiration for our title sequence was Seven. We thought that the flickery white titles were very effective as they brought a sense of spookiness hence why we included this technique in our thriller opening.

These two shots are when the titles of both Seven and Victoria appear. As you can see they are very similar and the reason for this is so our audience can establish the genre/sub genre as audiences usually identify with the films genre/sub genre when intertextuality is used.

We also used the usual title sequence as used in seven. 

City and Islington- Candi Studio
In association with Candi Studio
the film by Klaudia Wozniak
Starring by Elena Koutis
Phil Bond
Other actor
Other actor
Costume Design
Directed by 

Although most films have a font consistency in their title sequence, we did not intentionally challenge this, however the title 'Victoria' was a different font as we ran out of time to change all the titles. 

The main purpose of our thriller opening is to establish the genre and character. our location isn't clear though. The intertextuality was very tightly fitted with the Black Swan and the dancing was extremely similar. 

As our IDENT was Candi Studios the audience can immediately establish that it is an independent low budget film. 

Seven uses lots of close ups which arouses the intrigue within the audience which is the effect we hope to cause as you cannot really establish the location or narrative from our opening. 

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