Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation- Representation of Social groups: Question 2.

-Deal in stereotypes
-Exaggerations and generalisations
-Useful for the audience to recognise
-All media representations are constructs

This shot has similarities and differences between them as we wanted our character o be isolated, freaky and have a hidden agenda. They are close close/mid shots of just the facial expression, however our shot has a bit of the mise-en-scene in the background. Both have fixed expressions to show something about the character, what they're hiding and what they're feeling.

This overlapping shot of Reems hand and my face shows the dominant character which is the abuser, as her hand has jewellery, bracelets and rings contrasting to the vulnerable child's face.

This shot shows the social group of dancers, performers and artists, however also our second half of the film attracts all audiences as she is an alone, mysterious girl who could be in danger. We have gone against the representation of colour as in the Black Swan she is dressed in black as she is evil, and white as she is innocent, but we have done it the other way around.

Our media teacher told us it would be a good idea to show our opening to people so that they can comment on it, and get audience feedback. This will help us know what we have done well and what we need to improve on, what people think of it and what they liked about it.

Using a vintage old school camera effect i turned these normal photos into old loking ones which relate to our thriller 'Victoria'. Ballet collage:

Here is an animation i created from our shots to our professional shots from films:

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