Thursday, 31 March 2011

Questions 4&5- institutions+distribution/attract+adressing audience

Here is a student movie that has been uploaded onto the internet (through youtube) and has had quite a large amount of views (39,677 so far). The internet has been used to launch this short movie to a wider audience, and it is now an award-winning title; Youtube is a very popular website used to promote all sorts of videos. It is available to anyone in the world with internet access and it is therefore a very good place to upload videos if you want your movie to be noticed by a wider audience.

My movie is also a low budget student film, the production company for the movie is Candi Studios; a small independent institution which specialises  in low-budget student films, as it has good equipment but low production budgets. 
Distribution so far:
The film has already been released over the internet on Vimeo, and on blogger (through this blog) also it has been uploaded on to facebook in order to gain some audience feedback from our peers. My group and i also plan to upload it onto youtube in order to give people from other cities or countries a chance to see it; potentially our movie opening could reach a global audience!

My movie (opening) will have a cinema screening at a local independent cinema The Screen on the Green, also it will be released on DVD for my peers and family (also other members of the other media students' family etc.) to have a shared screening experience.

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