Monday, 14 March 2011


For the music in our opening sequence, we decided to use something that was creepy to listen to, linked with the whole intertextuality with Black swan, and was something that most people would generally relate to little children; so we decided to use the music from a music box, more specifically, the music to Swan Lake.

We were very lucky to find the perfect clinky-sounding music for this and we decided to play it over the part filmed in the girl's bedroom, in order to link that scene with the previous one of her dancing in the studio.

We have not yet decided which music to play over the ballet dancing scene at the beginning. We might possibly use the same music as is used later, or maybe use more traditional ballet music, which would make the creepy sounding music later sound even more effective.

Some sound effects were used to enhance the tension of the scene, for example, we used the sound of a door squeaking, and then slamming to make a certain part seem more dramatic. We also plan on using white noise or static TV/radio sounds when the flickering white light comes on to create a mysterious effect.

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