Monday, 14 March 2011

Finished filming ! happy days !

At this stage , we finished filming all of the footage. As we decided to film section 2 first, we are done of editing and just starting to editing the dance section. We had spent a half a day in the Valeiza's house, filming in her sister room and another hours in the dance studio catching the dance sequence.
Eleni did some ballet class before , but was not quite convidence with of the movement. I was filing everything while she was dancing and kind of 'messing' around  and trying steps and movement in the space. She did not that I am filming for all time. After a while, I found out that she is doing much more better when she did not know I am actually filming. We did lots of different shots from the long shot of her in the studio to the extreme lose up of the point ballet shoes. 
When we were filming in the room as well as in the studio , we had lots of fun. We were playing around with lots of ideas and types of shots. Sometimes, we had to repeat the same shot over and over again to get the best one. 
Lots of great shots we did was by chance which motive us to much braver and craziest ideas. 
We have looked at all of our footage from the first and second sequence and I happily have to say to we did enough, so we dont need to go and film again to get some extra shots. 

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