Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 2

How does your media product represent the particular social groups?

Our protagonist is not the usual representation of a ballet dancer. Out main aim was to establish normality then convey her flaws through the old, abandoned mise en scene and dark setting. 

The drop indicates that all not is well and foreshadows what will happen in the film. The drop is also a metaphor for her life as after she drops things immediately begin to go wrong and thats when the scenes of her scars are revealed. 

We chose to challenge the usual stereotypical 'crazy person' as we thought it was effective if we had a normal person to show that you do not have to be visually abnormal. Similarly in Black Swan the main character is a dancer who looks normal. 

We used lighting on her face to emphasis her features and to also create shadows adding to the tension of the film. Her costume was very childish we chose this specifically to present her as immature mentally, however this is contrasted with the lipstick used as lipstick has connotations of sophistication and a mature look. This arouses the audiences curiosity and eagerness into watching more to reveal what happens. We ensure we did this successfully as the opening is what sets the bar for expectation and also ensures that the audience stays for the whole 90minutes if the film. 

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