Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Favourite shots.

There are some shots in our thriller opening which i particularly like:

I love the sinister effect that is created by the shadow in this shot, also the fact that you cannot see the face if the ballerina creates a sense of mystery right from the beginning of the thriller.

Similar to the above, only showing the character's body and not her face builds suspense even more. I also think the black tutu creates a very nice smooth effect in the shot.

I like how this shot replicates exactly the dancing scene in The Black Swan, it also shows some of the surroundings; a old-fashioned dance studio which i think looks similar to a church, and is therefore in keeping with the old, 'Victorian' theme throughout the opening.

Although this shot is not necessarily in the actual opening, (it is a picture that we might use as an advertisement for the movie) I still love it because the lighting creates a sinister atmosphere; creating shadows and looks a little like Victorian candle light. Also, the props and costumes fit exactly together, the doll and the girl look the same and i think the mise en scene is particularly effective here.

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