Thursday, 24 March 2011


On the 24th of March we had officially finsihed editing our completed thriller opening! After alot of changes, adjustments and editing problems, we managed to get the outcome we wanted and imagined. To the left is our title which comes in the middle of our thriller opening, isntead of the beginning or end because it gives a greater effect and stays memorable. Slightly sad it's over now, but can't wait to see all thriller films in the cinema :)

The changes we made was the font of our main title, 'Victoria' we in the end used a Sans font, simple yet also has a victorian feel to it. We had the change the order of our titles, because they weren't in the right conventional order: Assosiated with Candi Studios, Starring Eleni Koutis, (titles) then the rest of the credits.

Also we addeda few finsihing touches like extra sound effects, some cross dissolves to make it look smoother and more realistic, the size and where we were going to put our title. I personally am very happy with our final cut, we did our best and put all our hard work into it by meeting up when we could, returning the equipment on time to ensure we could book it for other times, giving up free time to edit it and cooperating with eachother to get the best ideas possible.

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