Sunday, 20 March 2011


In Thursday's lesson, we also finished the titles for the opening. This includes the production company (candi studios) and highlights the jobs each person was in charge of during filming (e.g. editing, filming etc.)

We used a flickering effect on the titles. This as well as the overlapping shots was directly inspired by the opening sequence of 'Se7en', in which this type of technique is used to create an effective suspenseful atmosphere.

We changed the original idea of using a child-like sans-serif font in favor of using a more simple serif font. This was because it was more in keeping with the theme of the Victorian style used throughout the rest of the opening, also, we thought this type of text looked more effective while flickering.

By putting the titles (colored white to make them more easy to see) over the picture rather than over a plain black background, we allowed more time for the actual scene to take place, and also made it, i think, somehow more effective with the flickering effect playing over the picture which gives the impression something bad is going to happen, as it looks similar to lightning (which has connotations of darkness and trouble brewing).

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