Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Title for the 'Victoria'

We had problem to find out appropriate font for out title opening sequence. We choose a serif font called Optimus Princeps which we found on the website ''Dafont". We decided to not use the font from the Live Type as it was hard to found one which will suit it. 
We downloaded this new type of font into the LiveType so we could play around with it ; change the size, the coloure etc. Then we used a flickering affect. At the begining the title sequence was in the very end, but then we change it. We placed our title in the middle , as it is the best place in out title sequence.
 There are some other choice that we were looking at, but after a while when we tried it , we realised they did not suit and dont look right enough to be use in the title sequence.

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