Sunday, 23 January 2011

Analysis of a title sequence.

The main purposes for a title sequence opening is to get the audiences attention and to also introduce the main characters/protagonist. In The Stepfather, the firs thing we see is the IDENT symbol for the distribution company, followed by the production. The title appears 52seconds into the opening, at the bottom left corner. In contrast, the title appears after 1minute and 17seconds, the IDENT is introduced to the audience at first, however as this is a big movie it does take a while to introduce all the production and distribution companies. Most films follow the same routine and introduce the production and distribution companies followed by the actors, casting, costume, music, producers etc. Here is a picture of a title sequence analysis on the Taking Of Pelham 123.

The upbeat music really reflects the active movement in the film really engaging the audience, hence why this is the title sequence that really inspires me!

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