Saturday, 15 January 2011

Thriller sub genres.

Deep Blue Sea is a film which falls into more than one thriller sub genre:
  • Action
  • Disaster
  • Medical
  • Eco
Action Thriller:
Deep Blue Sea is an action thriller because the team have a set time limit of 48 hours to complete their work that they have been working on for months. An action thriller can include violence and explosions. Although there is not any violence between characters, there is violence between the sharks and the protagonists as he animals are vicious towards them. There is a huge explosion sequence during the film which allows the film to fall into the sub genre of an action film.
The film falls into the sub genre of a disaster thriller as there is a natural disaster that forms an artificial disaster. In the film, there is a large hurricane that causes havoc in the research center, the whole building explodes and a disastrous fire to breaks out. Following onto this sub genre, a shark makes a hole in a large underwater window which causes all of the water to flood into the center, this forms the genre as the natural disaster is a large part of the plot.
The film Deep Blue Sea is also part of the medical sub-genre as the narrative is that the protagonists are trying to solve the enigma of the disease alzheimer’s. The protagonists are using sharks to form a drug to cure the effect the disease has, this ultimately turns on them and forms the medical narrative sub genre.
The film also fits into the sub genre of an eco thriller because there is a biological calamity (the shark) as the sharks have been economically enhanced to produce more ingredients for the drugs. The environmental element forms part of the narrative.

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