Friday, 21 January 2011

The Stepfather - detailed analysis of 3 scenes

I am going to write about 3 scenes, where the moment of suspension works very effectively.

Scene 1
David comes back from work. He slows down next to Ms Clutter home. When she realises, he is watching her, she seems a bit worry. Murderer drives home and checks if the information about him in the internet really exist- American most wanted. Then Ms Clutter is spending her time with cats. The door bell rings and she goes to open it. However, when she gets there, no one is standing. She looks around for a bit and then comes back inside. One of her cats jumps in front of her. The level of suspense drops and everything seems to be fine from now. But (cat) runs into bedroom. She follows cat, to check if it’s alright. Suddenly, cat runs away. Old woman turns around, but David is waiting for her. He hits and drags her to the basement. He pushes her back, so she falls down. Holding one of her cats, David strangles her till dead.

                                                                                   Scene 2
Michael’s father comes to say goodbye to his children. In home, there is only David and boys. However, they are playing on play station and the music is very loud. David allows Jay to come inside. They start to talk, however the subject of the conversation plays on David's nerves. He feels endanger that someone can define his secret. He disappear somewhere in the kitchen, while Jay keep talking about David's past. Dad seems to be a bit worried, so he goes inside to kitchen, but there is no one. He looks around and suddenly David hits his head. Michael thinks that he hears something. However, he does not go beyond the bedroom. David drags Jay to the basement. Michael goes down. He tries to call to his father; however David hangs up the call, so he does not hear any ring tone. David puts on Jay's head a plastic back and strangles
him till dead

Scene 3 
Jackie send en email to Susan about David, however she is not in home. David picks up this message and reads it. Then Jackie packs up her suit case. She goes inside the home and makes sure that everything is ok before she goes on holiday. Suddenly, she hears the noise. She looks through the window. The garden's umbrella falls down into the swimming pool, because of the strong wind. She goes outside to take it back. When she is just about to catch it, David appears next to her. Holding his head under the water, he strangles her till dead.

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