Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Many thriller movies use intertextuality to appreciate famous scenes in films. One of the most famous scenes in history is the shower scene in the film 'Psycho'. 

For example, in Fatal Attraction, there are similar aspects. Aspects borrowed from psycho are the knife, the pace in which the stabbing occurred, the shower curtain being pulled off. However, and interesting thing about Fatal Attraction is, is that its almost a feminist response to Psycho as the female kills the male attacker. She appears to stab him before he does and perhaps this was to change it slightly from the traditional role play. 

Another film which uses ideas from Psycho is what lies beneath. the basic setting, the water running and a few of the shot angles are the same. We also watched clips from previous students (Succubus) who have also effectively borrowed ideas from Psycho. By having some reference to another film it shows your intelligence and also your appreciation to a very successful scene in media history.

In The Stepfather, there are certain things which may seem to have been borrowed from Psycho. The basic things such as the opening scene where he is doing mundane things such as shaving, washing, brushing his teeth really reflects the scene that follows. He walks down the stairs to continue doing everyday things such as making breakfast, however is surrounded by a family of dead bodies. His calm behaviour immediately comes to concern as he seems most worried about making sure his shaving kit is in correct order which may suggest he has an OCD, but also that this is not the first time he has killed people. The main character seems to lack remorse and a conscience, similarly connecting with most of the killers in the other films. 

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