Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Detailed analysis of a thriller clip. (What Lies Beneath)

What Lies Beneath.
'What Lies Beneath' is a super natural/horror film which uses intertextuality from 'Phsycho'.
The film starts with a dark setting, with the mise en scene of a normal bathroom. The title of the film is placed on water which is also symbollic to the beginning scene. The music is quite low, however the use of string instruments which is normally used in more tense situations, creates suspense. By using this music, the atmosphere is immediately set to have the audience ready for a thrilling scene. The use of focus and zoom in the intro allows the audience to follow the cameras path as it discovers 'what lies beneath' the water.

Our first introduction to the protoganist is when she jumps out of the water like she is in some sort of danger. This creates a scary atmosphere, as already, we can tell that something bad is going to happen.  The use of dull lighting is also another technique used to create suspense, the lighting/weather in films often reflects the mood of the character (pathetic fallasy). The main character appears to be in some sort of distress which makes the scene more intense as the audience is intrigued by what may have happened and the normality in the scene also contributes to the tension build up.

The fact that the scene lacks music, shows that any sudden sound may be seen as alarming as you can hear her every movement, allowing the audience to fully follow her and understand the things she is encountering. Also, the focus of the blowdryer suggests that it may be an important prop during the rest of the scene. Moreover, the electric shock of the blowdryer foreshadows what will happen in the rest of the scene/film. It shows the audience that something is not right. 

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