Saturday, 15 January 2011

Detailed analysis of Thriller Clip

What lies beneath

Movie starts with black background and keeps the audience in tension for a few second. Soundtrack starts to slowly appear. Music is very mysterious and increases the audience interests. On the black background, a production company displays in slow pace with full of smoke (fog). Suddenly, title shows up. It’s very wavy and looks like a reflection on the water during a full moon night. The bright light moves from right to left, creates impression of going somewhere. However, because light keeps changing the position, it’s unable the audience to see properly. After a couple of second, a white scary face with black eyes appears on the screen. It looks like a dead person underneath water. The audience gets the first clue of what about is this movie.
The face is looking up straight 'into the audience' and suddenly change into the main character's face which coming out from the bath. 

Then the camera takes the audience inside the main character's bathroom. It is coming through the door, towards her.  It is a point of view shot which makes the audience feels like they are coming inside too. 
Her breath is hard and loud. She seems kind of scared and frightened. She looks around herself to check if she is safe and alone.

Then the camera jump into next shot. There is a close up on the hairdryer (it tells the audience that this might be an important props in this section). She drags it in to the mirror and blows the hot air.
Then suddenly the hairdryer stop working. (There is a next hint to the audience which tells them that something bad is going to happen). When she is trying to fix it, she gets an eclectic shock, but the hairdryer starts to work back.
Then again camera slowly moves from her into the mirror.(The mirror is a next props which might be important thing in the movie) The camera moves again toward her shoulder and the audiences are able to see her reflection in the mirror. It gives a feeling of something or someone watching her.

There is no dialog, and very small amount of diegetic sound, which draw the audience attention very successful. It also increases the level of suspense. Also, there is a quite high key lighting and lots of white props around her: bath, hairdryer, dressing gown. It all give an impression of safety, but because of the black background and dead face in at the very beginning, it tells the audience that is a supernatural thriller with lots of suspense moment. 

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