Friday, 21 January 2011

Bag Swap Filming Task + Introduction to editing

In few weeks time, we are going to start filming the Thriller Title Opening Sequence. However, for a better practice and familiarise with camera, on the last lesson (20/01/2011) we had to make a short thriller clip.

Our task was to create a thriller story, based on the idea of "Bag Swap". We had not lots of time, so we just went for it. First thing, was to plan each shot.
When we were filming, we tried to follow the PLANNING, however we changed some on the shots or added extra one. This helped us to make a better expression which in the result created a right atmosphere. 
Also we all agreed that variety of different shot from different angles and levels will helps us with editing. If one shot wouldn't work, we could swap it with another one, without ruin whole sequence. 

When we finished filming, we went to editing room. Firstly, we watched all the shot and numbered in order (eg. shot 1 long shot). Also, we had chance to delete some of the bad one. Overall, we took more than 20 shots, but we only used about 15. The story was simple; girl is coming down and walking through the corridor. Other one is waiting for her behind the wall. She texts someone ' She is coming'. This is a big hint to the audience.  Suddenly the second girl is coming toward the first girl. In the result they are banging each other. Victim drops the bag. Stalker girl takes it from the floor, but gives the victim other bag. During this commotion, victim does not realize that she has a different bag until she stays alone in the middle of the corridor. However the stalker already goes away. 

We used a program called 'Final Cut Pro'. We spent one hour on filming and one hour on editing. However, we still have to add a soundtrack and more effects like slow motion.
Also I think, we could make it a bit longer, because everything happens very quickly. We should extend the bits of walking or bag swapping, which will increase the level of suspense. 
We faced a 'problems' during filming, like people walking in front of camera, or standing in the corridor where we were working. Also sometimes we have to repeat the same shot for 2 or 3 times for a better effect. 

But without regard to anything, I am looking forward for making our final thriller opening!

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