Wednesday, 26 January 2011


On the last lesson ( 24.01.2011) we have been introduce to the new software called LiveType. It is a program to create a title using different fonts, special effects on the range of backgrounds and colours. There is 'million' of different option to choose so it is not hard to find something which will suit people's needs.
Here is an example of my final work. I had put my name as a title. It takes about 3 second to fully appear on the screen. Each letter comes separately, one by one. I also chose a similar in colour background of moving letters and number, which suit each other very effectively, creating a feeling of chaos.

 There is a menu where we can choose the look of our title. The options are divided into: Livefonts, fonts, textures, objects and effects. We can also change the text, style, timing and attributes of it. There is a small window about the option to preview it. 

When we are happy with it, we need to click on 'apply to new track'. Each of the choosing appears on the line time. We can manipulate for how long each elements is on the screen by dragging forward of backward particular track.

The title needs to fit into the green box mark on the preview sceen. Everything which goes beyond it, will be not see afterwards. The blue line, responses on the place of title. When can change it by dragging it down or up. 

LiveFont -A 'LiveFont' is one of the program's key features. These are fonts with animated characters. Examples of the LiveFonts shipped with LiveType are animated handwriting, smoke writing, fire, and blinking LED characters. It is also possible to create custom LiveFonts, but the necessity of generating a separate movie file for each letter makes the file sizes very large

Effects -various animation effects can be applied to type, either LiveFonts or normal system fonts. There are, for example, glows, scrolls, fades and zooms. The timing of the effects can be customized and new effects can be created from scratch using keyframing.

Templates -apart from text, there is a wide range of animated objects and textures that can be added to a sequence, and there are a number of templates - such as title themes. Any image or movie file can also be placed and edited on the canvas.

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