Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Introduction to cameras

On the last lesson, we had an introduction to cameras.
There are the most important rules and information about camera:

1. Treat all of the equipments like your one. Each member of the group is responsible and if something  happen (broken, stolen etc.)  whole group will bear for it.

2. Always check if all of the equipments work properly before filming. Also make sure that you have a spare battery and 2 of the SD card in your case.

3. Do not touch the lens of camera; otherwise your fingerprint will be over the footage. Remember, that the lens is the most expensive part of the camera.

4. Never film in the rain unless you have a big umbrella to cover a camera. It IS NOT waterproof.

5. Always return all the equipment on time. You are able borrow it over night or weekends, but it must be back into college before .

6. Never film at dangerous or illegal place for a 'better effect'. Also never commit illegal activities eg. graffiti, unless you have a permission from local authority.

7. Always close the lens window when you are not filming. 

8. Always make sure that tripod is on balance. You can check the spirit level.

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