Sunday, 23 January 2011

Camera Skills.

In our introduction to cameras  we learnt the health and safety rules which are vital for successful filming.
In order for us to have a clear understanding of how the cameras must be treated, a few rules were highlighted to emphasis the importance and were thoroughly explained with a demonstration, followed by us doing the tasks as well.
  • Always ensure that the camera is always held by somebody responsible (member of the group) and that it is covered properly to avoid any scratches or breaks.
  • Ensure the memory card and battery are inserted correctly in the right slots.
  • Never touch the few finder or lens as natural oils from fingers will leave finger prints on the screen ruining all shots.
  • Return all the equipment at the agreed time.
  • Do not film in the rain without a big umbrella over the camera.
  • Remember all students in the group are responsible for any damage caused.
We also learned about the tripods which help u achieve all the angles and different levels when filming. 
  • Make sure the legs are fully extended and pushed out so that the legs are level. This helps prevent a shaky/uneven tripod.
  • Always clip the camera from the back.
  • Use the lever to change levels/angles.
  • Always pick the tripod up don't drag across the floor.
  • Like the camera, ensure that the tripod is not out in the rain and is always being held not left on the floor/bench even if its not being used.

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