Friday, 14 January 2011


Each media text exists in relation to others. Texts are framed by other texts and are constructed more by their intertextuality than by their authors. A TV show for example is not only related to other TV shows of its genre but to all TV shows, to commercials, to current political events, to films, to academic discourse. All potentially can and do influence each other.

For example Psycho's famous and popular 'shower scene' has influenced and inspired many thriller and horror movies at this present day. In class we watched a previous thriller opening made by students who borrowed aspects of Psycho's shower scene, however they reversed roles, instead of the man being the killer, the girl was the killer. The man was the vicitm in need of help and she was the murderer. This was very effective as it went against typical gender representations.

What lies beneath is a triller with a twist in the end. Things started to go wrong when Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) began investigation of the murder of a college student whom appeared to 'seek' her help. The image below shows a snap shot of the shower scene, a white tub, shower curtains falling, vulnerable woman in danger, everything inspired by Pyscho.

We also watched Fatal Atrraction, where a man and a woman are fighting in a house and then she comes at him with a knife; this scene is borrowed from Psycho because it looks similar to when a shadow shilouette stabs the woman in the bathtub. In The Stepfather they show a man doing an everyday ordinary thing like shaving and washing his hands that put the audience in a false sense of security, as his shaving equiptment are so neatly organised as if he has OCD, making the audience suspicious.

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