Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bag swap: practice filming task. (extension- demo shots)

In order to practice using the camera and creating suspense in a scene through camera shots, angles etc. in preparation for our thriller sequence- which we will start filming in a few weeks- we made a short thriller clip based on the idea of a 'Bag swap'.

Before we started the filming, we planned out the storyline and which camera shots and angles we would use in each part of the story, for example; we used an extreme long shot to show a person's body and surroundings. Through planning, we were able to go straight into filming, knowing everything that we had to do, and how to save time doing it. This is our planning sheet -->

After planning, we knew what particular shots to use in each part of the clip. Here are some examples of the shots and angles we used and why we used them:

A long shot was used here to show the character and her surroundings; this helps to create a story in the audience's mind.


    We used extreme close-ups to emphasize a particular prop that was important to the development of the story, and to build suspense. Also used in these examples is point of view shot; this creates suspense as the audience feel as though they are experiencing the characters' emotions.


<-- A low angle, close up shot was used here to emphasize the importance of the bag; it is the most important thing in the shot as you cant see much of anything else very clearly.
A mid-shot is used here so the--> audience can see both the characters' facial expressions and the key props (the two bags).

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