Saturday, 15 January 2011


 Nowadays, many films ‘borrowed’ some very suspense moment form others. Famous one is a shower scene from 'Psycho' made by Alfred Hitchcock

Students who made film called ‘Succubus’ followed very similar pattern of this famous shower scene. However, they swap a genre of characters. We can see boy who is talking a shower and obsesses girl who killed him in the end.
Also, the audiences see who is a murderer which is different from the 'Psycho’ scene. At the beginning, when the girl is coming in to the bathroom, it looks like she wants to join him. She takes off her jumper and untied her hair. The moment of suspense arise to maximum when she takes out the knife. The murder scene is used in very similar way. It contains lots of close-ups and mid-shots, as same as 'Psycho'
In the end, camera focuses a murderer, where in 'Psycho' it stays on the victim. Some of the ideas are use with reversion, but the main idea is basically the same.

The 'Stepfather' has borrowed the mise-en-scene. The murder scene takes place in the bathroom. We see a victim running upstairs and barricade the door, trying to unable murderer to come. However, he breaks the door. Woman takes piece of broken mirror and sticks in a murderer neck. There is same use of final scene. The murderer is loosing conscious so he tries to keep the balance. He tries to hold on the shower curtain, but it goes down under his weight. Finally, he drops down straight into the bath.

'What lies beneath' used the same setting- bathroom. It has followed the same aspect of pouring water and woman lying in the bath. However the main idea is very different. There is no murder. The action is slow, which increase the level of suspense. But nothing happened.

The 'Fatal Attraction' has borrowed a fighting between man and woman.
However is bigger and exaggerated then in the 'Psycho'
The knife plays very important role, but this time woman tries to kill the man. He is stronger so he defenses himself. Woman stays alive and the potential murder goes away. Looks like a pure happy end.

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